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About Us

Eurasian Development Fund Inc., is an international organization with headquarters in New York USA located at 295 Madison Avenue, Fl. 12, New York, NY 10017, that funds and implements international projects. We facilitate global economic growth while focusing on ecological impacts. Our full-service approach is dedicated to servicing Government Entities, Non-Profit Organizations and Business Entities.

Eurasian Development Fund is devoted to providing the highest level of attention and care to our esteemed clients. We believe that every community has its need, and EDF strives to protect and enhance sturdy social fabric and streamline the infrastructure of the communities in which we operate.

Our Services

We make your work seamless. As professionals, we guide, design and implement all projects to deliver quality services.  Perhaps most importantly, we help organizations, government entities, and business entities create a unique system that distinguishes them from others.

EDF aids in the procurement of the capital necessary to embark upon projects of multiple proportions. Utilizing our proprietary method of financing we are able to deliver results that conventional banking products are not able to provide.

EDF tailors financing and implementing systems unique to client needs. Based on research and project needs, every project is connected with the proper consultants, managers and financing options.

EDF wants every project they implement to succeed. We take a personal stake in every project, unlike many financial institutions, we will not leave clients to their own devices in financial fields they aren’t equipped for.

We turn ideas into realities step by step. From project financing (acquiring loans, finding equity partnerships) risk assessment, planning and employing the proper task force that is specialized in the project field. EDF sees every project through from beginning to end.

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